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I have used 123inkjets & recommended it in the past but can no longer do so. In the last 3 years I have had to return some 12 cartridges of 123inkjets because my printer won't recognize their cartridges.

I am sick of returning them, I am sick of trying to get them to work...restarting the printer over & over.

They should STOP selling the replacements & only sell stuff that actually works!

They don't even have real Epson cartridges in stock anymore so you have to buy their *** & just return it a day later....because IT DOES NOT WORK! Why do they even bother anymore...if they don't even try to make it right?

I'm telling everyone they don't care anymore & 123Ink STINKS!

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #957383

I have absolutely no affiliation with this company but have you compared the cost of their ink cartridges with those from the printer manufacturer at the major Office Supply chains?

It could be that mathematically, you STILL come out FAR better and ahead of the game even if you occasionally received a bad cartridge?

However, it requires some thought capability to come to this realization. Something many in America seem to be lacking these days.

Last time I checked, Office Depot (at the store) wanted $26.00 (PLUS TAX) for black XL cartridges and I believe $25.00 each for color cartridges XL 3 packs. I got a XL value pack from 123Inkjets for $60 delivered containing 9 cartridges.

3 black and two each of the three colors.

Doing the math

Office Depot total was $125.00 plus $7.50 tax = $132.50 124Injet price total with shipping = $60.00 So if 5 of the 123Injet cartridges didn't work, I'd come out even with Office Depot. But I haven't had that experience.

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